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Welcome to – Bath Florist are part of the Hand-Tied-Flowers Group of websites and we specialise in helping local people looking for flower suppliers in Bath, Somerset and throughout the UK with our recommended flower shops, suppliers and specialist florists.

If you are looking for flowers in Bath then consider using We are a growing presence on the Bath florist scene and we would like to become the No1 choice for flowers in Bath, Somerset and the UK and hope to be the first flower company you contact!

Our aim is to help customers in Bath and Somerset transform their homes, businesses or special occasions with fresh, beautiful and vibrant flowers. Florist Bath is completely independent and can offer an unrivalled collection of bouquets and specialist flowers arrangements through a network of national flower shops and suppliers.

Customers searching for flowers and florists in Bath and Somerset, should consider calling Bath Florists!
From classic traditional arrangements to modern contemporary bouquets, charming floral designs to chic urban displays, their collection of flowers are numerous and wide ranging and because we are independent we have access to exclusive flower products, we make sure that our recommended bouquets are arranged without compromise from the best sources across the UK to enhance your home, business and special occasion perfectly.

Beautiful Flowers, local Bath flower service

Florist Bath have access to advisors locally based in Bath, you can be sure of high levels of service and professionalism. They strive to supply fresh, vibrant flowers at comparatively modest costs, while upholding exceptional personal levels of client service to Bath and Somerset customers.

As part of the Hand-Tied-Flowers group we are a national firm with a local Bath flowers service, as such you can rest assured that you will receive outstanding client service from the outset.

If you are looking for a Florist or Flowers in Bath, choosing Florist Bath for your flower requirements is a well considered choice, impeccable floral designs and bouquets which will maintain their freshness and vibrancy allowing you to enjoy your flowers for many days after purchase. With a wealth of experience, commitment to quality and dedicated Bath Florist service, you have a guarantee that there is no one better placed or better equipped to help you add stunning flowers arrangement to your home business or special occasion.

Summer Flowers in Warm Summer Shades

summer flowers

Summer flowers blossom and plants flourish in the heat of the summer months. The Bath Florist’s range of Summer flowers are sure to delight – fresh summery shades of hot pink, bright lime greens and delicate lilacs bring a vibrant summer touch to our flowers, baskets and agreements. Our pro florists use the hottest, crispest seasonal flowers to prepare their home made bouquets, summer agreements, and flower baskets. With the option to upgrade your bouquet to luxury size or by simply adding a further box of fresh, hand-crafted, English chocolates to your order our hand delivered summer flowers will surely pleasure. Bath Florist’s expert florists will guarantee the freshness of your flowers for no less than seven days. Send Summer sentiments with beautiful flowers from Bath Florist’s ‘Summer ‘ collection.

Spring flowers by Florist Bath

spring flowers

Spring marks the passing of winter and with it comes signs of new life and expansion, spring flowers blossom and plants flourish in expectation of the summer coming months. The Bath Florist’s range of Spring flowers will pleasure – in shades of bright green and gold, bright yellows and delicate pink and lilacs, our flowers, flower baskets and agreements add a fresh, spring touch to any environment.

Our professional florists use the most up to date, crispest spring flowers to prepare their handmade bouquets, spring arrangements, and flower baskets. With the option to upgrade your bouquet to our luxury sizing or by simply adding a further box of fresh, hand-crafted, English chocolates to your order our hand delivered springtime flowers are sure to pleasure. Bath Florist’s expert florists will guarantee the freshness of your flowers for a minimum of 7 days. Send springtime sentiments with gorgeous flowers from Bath Florist’s ‘Spring ‘ collection.

Sourcing Brilliant Locally Grown Wedding Flowers

local flowers

If you want fabulous marriage flowers, the key is buying local flowers in their normal growing season and locating beautiful seasonal ideas from the UK’s Top Florists.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your wedding flowers then look to the seasonal country for a wonderful choice of colours, scents and style? By choosing flowers that are grown hereabouts you can make a actually timeless and connected feel for your party with flowers that awaken the romance of the season and the unique quintessence of the place that you live.

Each season offers a superb choice of different colours, shapes and beautiful scents that you can use to give that WOW factor to your flowers ; making an occasion to recollect for your visitors.

Many of us are now familiar with the benefits of finding and purchasing locally grown seasonal food products but when it comes to cut flowers we often do not know where the flowers are harvested. Only a tiny share of flowers sold in the UK are basically now grown in England. Heavy competition from the overseas growers and the lure of the provision of an all the year round supply has meant that the amount of UK growers has reduced over the years. But it’s’s not all awful news for growers as hereabouts grown flowers together with Eco conscious marriages are predicted to be one of the freshest new trends for marriages.

How can I Find Locally Grown Flowers for my wedding?

If you’re inspired to put regionally grown flowers on the top of your eco friendly marriage list then the first step in locating local seasonal flowers for your marriage is to approach your florist and discuss with them your ideas for locally sourced flowers. Some florists may have a policy for using Brit grown flowers or have a local provider that they use regularly – so ask them what’s available or what they can find for you.

You may find however that your florist doesn’t offer domestically sourced flowers implying you might wish to do some investigation yourself.

if you want to choose from the widest choice of flowers then pick a summer marriage date but even if you are opting for a spring, autumn or winter marriage there is no need to reach a compromise on style or beauty if you’re open to concepts. Be open minded and prepared to work with your florist to find the ideal UK grown flowers and foliage for your wedding whatever the season.

Wedding Roses – The Perfect Choice For Your Wedding Flowers

wedding roses

If you haven’t already selected your marriage flowers then the rose could be the perfect choice. Roses are probably the best known and admired flower in the world. Roses are on hand all year round, they come in a superb range of lovely shapes and stunning colours and what’s more a number of them have an incredible perfume – adding that very special something to the atmosphere at your wedding.

The sheer romance, variety and beauty of the rose isn’t enough of a reason to select this bloom? Then their power to lend themselves to each style of marriage from romantic country garden to effortless sophisticated city stylish should clinch the deal.

Wedding flower designs

Roses do look amazing when used by themselves – you can make a classic look with a hand-tied bouquet using flowers of one type and colour. Add a sophisticated touch of foliage, bind the stems with gorgeous ribbon and you have a superbly straightforward yet chic design.

When you are selecting flowers for your reception the rose is particularly versatile as it mixes superbly with other marriage flowers. Your table centerpieces can include the same rose as your bouquet but combined with lush foliage and other flowers to stunning effect.

David Austin Roses make brilliant bridal wedding flowers. Their ability to create a really distinctive design and fragrance make them an ideal choice. A must have’ for making completely unique floral designs that everybody aims to with a perfume that you are going to never forget.”

…romantic roses stunning bouquets heavenly fragrance – actually unforgettable!

English cut roses are also perfect for use in a traditional bridal bouquet ; their unique shape adds a new dimension to a classic posy. A compact posy of roses for a bride’s bouquet can be exceedingly sheer and hard. With David Austin roses, the papery construction of the petals and the imperfect and a little irregular shape of the roses make this same compact bouquet a soft and natural one, loosing the cruelty of the same design made with the traditional Dutch roses. The fragrance is the icing on the cake!

Fresh Flowers – Cut Flowers Fresh

spring flowers

There is nothing as fresh as a flower. Fresh cut flowers arouse a kind of attractive and energetic feeling in the hearts of receivers. They fill the whole atmosphere with their fragrance. It is an understood truth that freshly scented environs uplift the mind and spirit. We, mechanically, possess a positive approach when we are trapped by the positive minded people and things. A pleasant looking thing tends to refresh and motivate us.

Floral decorations are the significant part of houses and offices. You cannot expect any celebration without the presence of flowers. You can see flowers at an occasion in the shape of decorations and as the gifts. Gifting fresh cut flowers has been a practice since traditional times. Differing kinds of flowers have different meanings. Presenting fresh cut flowers convey your feelings in such a beautiful way that you need not say anything. The person who receives the fresh-cut flowers as a present cannot stay detached from your feelings. You can make even a stranger your mate by presenting flowers.

If you’re in bad-tempered state of mind some day, you can make your state of mind fresh by decorating the entire room with freshly cut flowers. An artist or a writer can get new and innovative ideas by surrounding herself by fresh and colourful flowers.

There are countless sorts of flowers. Every one of them has different colours, different sizes and shapes. And one more thing, you need to know that type of flowers change according to the season. Each flower has got different meaning and if you choose a particular flower, it will create different mood and feeling. You can bring nature indoor by arranging fresh and lovely flowers.

Any occasion or celebration becomes livelier if the locale is decorated with different arrangements of flowers. Only seasonal flowers can be chosen for decoration if you’d like them to be fresh. Flowers can do amazing things for the hospitalised patients. Freshly cut flowers invoke a sense of positivity and it improves the healthiness of the patients. When you go to meet a patient, remember bringing freshly cut flowers with you.

Keep one thing in mind that when you cut a flower from the garden, it does not have long survival expectancy. You can use few tricks to keep them fresh so long as practicable. One such trick is putting an asprin tablet in the water in which flowers are kept. Avoid keeping fresh flowers in front of heaters, electric devices like computer or television.

You can order flowers from online florists. They supply you the best services to offer you the best possible flowers.

Flower Shops and Florists in Bath

As the necessity for flower gifts and floral arrangements is fast augmenting, the industry of floristry is growing fast. As you will have spotted, there are flower shops on each street corner. Flower stands also abound in nearly every major town on every street. These shops and stands offer a spread of flowers for each occasion — birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, vacations, and so on.

There are also flower shops that offer flower arrangements and consulting services for giant parties like weddings and birthday parties. Such services generally include floral decorations and agreements for the places and churches. Corsages and bouquets are also included depending on the deal.

Flower shops offer a selection of services. To better suit your wishes, you have to check the type of flower shops available in your area and the commodities they offer. Generally, there are 4 sorts of flower shops. These include the conventional full service shops, the studio shops, the kiosks and freelancers. Self employed staff don’t necessarily have a shop, but are folks who offer their talents and abilities in floral services. Conventional shops, on the other hand, are those shops that have regular business hours and offer almost every service known in the floral business. If you’re looking for flower shops offering special services, the traditional type is what you need.

On the other hand, studio flower shops are little stores offering limited services and consultations. If you’re attempting to find a selection of flowers, this sort of shop will fit your needs. If you have come across floral stands in the middle of your local malls, in transport stations such as train, bus stops, ports, for example. They are the kiosks types of shop.

It is important that you know the types of flower shops available to you. Thus, you can avoid going to shops that don’t truly offer the kinds of services you want. For more flower shops references, the internet offers masses of online sites. These sites include information like locations, contact numbers, and so on. Printed materials like magazines and books about flowers also may include ads of varied flower shops and their commodities.

Bath Florist – Flower Delivery

Looking out for a sound and reliable way to send a gift? Fresh cut flower deliveries are a popular solution. Why not send a bunch of fresh cut flowers as a present? Flower deliveries are reliable, top quality and so easy to send.

Fresh cut flower deliveries are a meaningful gesture as florists employ varied methods to keep the flower as powerful and enduring as practical. Flori-culture is the division of horticulture devoted to growing flowers for gardens, interiors and the cut flower industry and the science has produced enduring, unique and prime quality flowers.

Large greenhouses and crop fields of flowers provide the uncountable millions of flowers required every year to fulfill order needs.

Keeping flowers fresh

Fresh cut flowers are guaranteed for delivery within twenty-four hours of the order being placed, making sure the product is as fresh as possible . Such a service will be in a position to prepare and deliver the gift to the receiver on the same day, if the order is created before 12h00. These restrictions are established to make certain that fresh cut flowers are delivered in their best possible condition.

Correct details

To make sure that flowers arrive at their destination on time, making a correct order is very important. Inaccurate details supplied to the florist will affect The speed of delivery. When making a flower deliver order, it’s really important to be certain that each detail like the spelling of the recipient’s name, their address and a convenient time for delivery is right. If wrong, the flower delivery service and florist can’t be held answerable for an order not received. The service will leave a note for the recipient to contact them nevertheless , the flowers will be delivered at a future time ( when the recipient contacts the delivery company ). Despite wrong details, an internet florist will replace old flowers with fresh ones, making sure that the flower delivery is always as fresh as practicable.

International Flower Deliveries

A florist will usually offer global flower deliveries, a welcome option for those sending a gift to a distant location. International fresh flower deliveries are typically available for delivery to any location in the world. With modern communication technology, scientifically demonstrated preservation techniques and a reliable delivery service, fresh cut flowers can be ordered and dropped at their destination the following day.

Online Florists

Online flower retailers are an easy strategy of ordering flowers, paying and tracing the delivery. Florists ‘ internet sites are often really informative, accessible and have secure payment facilities. Extensive catalogs, information on flowers and the way to care for them also should be featured on any florist internet site. Following the flower care recommendation from the site should enable your fresh-cut flowers to remain in the best condition possible for longer.

Opting for a fresh flower delivery as a gift will ensure that when it reaches its destination the product will be in excellent condition. Flowers will remain fresher for longer when bought from a credible florist. Provision of correct details and proper care of the plants will also help with the longevity of the flowers.

Fresh flowers have constantly been a well-loved choice of gift and it is now simple to have the latest floral displays delivered timeously direct to the door of the receiver.


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